Les Couleurs de Le Corbusier

Les Couleurs de Le Corbusier

For its first collection of luxury parquet floors, Secret d'Atelier invites you to discover the rich universe of colors of one of the most famous architects of history - le Corbusier, and his fascinating "Polychromie architecturale" work. Polychromie architecturale by Secret d'Atelier is today composed of a palette of 11 initial colors selected among the other 63 created by Le Corbusier. This brand new collection features an exclusive parquet floor that combines the colors of Le Corbusier's La Polychromie Architecturale, the French know-how inherited from the Compagnie Française du Parquet and the cutting-edge technological innovation carried by Secret d'Atelier. Secret d'Atelier has created a new original collection of luxury parquet floors with varnished finishes, particularly suitable for the realization of prestigious spaces requiring the highest accuracy. This project was presented to Les Couleurs Suisse, guardians of the Polychromie architecturale of Le Corbusier being an immediate success so an exclusive partnership was shortly set up. Secret d'Atelier is the only flooring company that can exploit this remarkable color palette. The rigour of our approach, the finishing qualities, the modernity and the elegance of the Secret d'Atelier luxury floors have convinced le Corbusier Foundation of the merits of our collaboration.


Ombre Naturelle Claire


Gris Clair 59

Gris Foncé 59

Bleu Céruléen 31

Vert Anglais Clair


Rouge Vermillon 31

Le Rubis

Terre Sienne Brûlée 31

Noir d'Ivoire