Bois Brûlé

Collection Bois Brûlé

For its new collection called "Bois Brûlé" Secret d'Atelier is inspired by the Japanese ancestral technique Shou-sugi ban.
The advantage of this technique is that it protects the wood naturally by carbonization. The wooden boards are placed on a bed of ember for about ten minutes. The craftsman will then clean each board to rid it of coal residues, water it before letting dry and coat it with oil to complete the finish. The boards are perfectly protected against UV, weather and insects and become absolutely immune due to the resistant surface.
Secret d'Atelier, always in search of originality got its inspiration for this new collection from the past. Each floorboard is worked and burned by hand, creating unique parquet that is ingeniously aged to uncover warm shades and tones. The diversity of the used oils makes it possible to create a multitude of finishes unique for each creation.
Rustic and elegant, the burned wood fits perfectly into any interior, whether industrial or luxurious.
Secret d ’Atelier succeeded thus to combine the authenticity of the burned wood with the modernity of a customized parquet.